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3 secrets to manage emotions

14 March 2018 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

3 secrets to manage emotions

How to recognize different type of people and move them through emotions

Dear friends,

We, as well as the world around us, are in constant interaction with different emotions that more or less influence us.

People think and then make decisions. This is called logic. The final result of logic is a solution (hopefully).

However, at the moment a person has made a decision, he has to act. In order to act, he needs energy. And at that moment, the speed and amount of energy he uses depends on the emotion in which he finds himself. The word “emotion” comes from Latin (ex movere). Life is full of emotions. People have emotions, even animals have emotions. When one has to do something, in addition to direction he has decided (logic), he also needs emotion to achieve a successful result. So emotions are what makes people act.

If you:

  • Don’t know how to deal with negative emotions around you

  • Don’t know how to control your own emotions 

  • Can not recognize the person behind the mask

Then this seminar is for YOU! Something can be done about it!

Subscribe NOW!

For more information and subscription call – 02/9623984

When: 14.03.2018г , 10:00 -18:00

Where: Bulgaria, Sofia , Best Western Premier Hotel

Price: 175 Euro without VAT (price includes 2 coffee in the break, lunch, materials, video and presentation)

Price for EARLY SUBSCRIPTION till 12.03.2018  – 145 Euro without VAT


END RESAULT: you will know how to recognize people around you, even behind the mask, how to communicate, move them and how to use emotions to survive better


  • Introduction

  • The three parts of human – spirit, mind and body

  • What is the common between emotions and movement

  • How to recognize people through emotions

  • How to look through the mask

  • Emotions and illnesses

  • Emotions and success

  • Emotions and communication

  • Emotions and Future

  • How to deal with vampire emotions

Trainer: Marc De Turck

Marc De Turck is an international trainer and coach with more than 22 years of experience. He has held seminars for top executives and leaders across Europe, Asia, North and South America. He has helped over 1000 companies to improve their organization, sales and marketing strategy so managers are more free and employees can work more efficiently.

®.* The participants will receive a certificate for having completed the course on Effective Team, which follows standard of  Model of Administrative Know-How and Hubbard Management System, which are used in more than 120 000 companies worldwide.

**For double impact the seminar will be conducted in Bulgarian and English languages.

*** The seminar is entirely practical and you can start using the tools you receive the next day, therefore we strongly advise at least two people from one company to participate.

Something can be done! Learn how to control emotions and move people!


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*Ladies and gentlemen, please note that when submitting the registration form to participate in seminars organized by Ideas Bulgaria, we rely on your correctness. Cancellations are accepted up to 10 days before training otherwise the fee of 30% from the seminar cost is paid.