Online academy for managers “Free Boss”

free boss

The best management strategies with which to control your time and achieve amazing results!

A guide in how to free yourself from everyday tasks and have more time for the more important things!

*The training is only in English!

Online academy “Create a motivated team”

Create successful team and self-motivated employees

Extremely useful course for managers and HR specialists!

* The training is only in English!

Online academy for sales people “The secrets of successful sales”

sales skills

Master the art of closing the deal!

Increase your sales BIG time!

*The training is only in English!

Emotional Intelligence In Business

Emotional intelligence is an important quality for business leaders and managers.

Extension course “Achieve your goals”

how to achieve goals

There is nothing more as rewarding as setting a goal and achieving it!

What is the secret of getting your goals done?

Extension course “Dynamic team building”

how to create effective team

Get a rapid training approach!

Get each of your people trained in the basic efficiency tools to work successfully in a team!

Extension course “Professional public relations”

professional public relations

When we deal with others we need to get their agreement and cooperation – this is the field of Public Relations!

What is the basis of healthy, growing business relationship with others?

Extension course “Basic study manual”

how to study effectively

The success in your life depends on your ability to effectively study!

Learn what are the reasons of academic failures, which are the barriers to study and what are the solutions!