• how to achieve goals

    Achieving Your Goals Package


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    Defining a goal is just the beginning – although even an incorrectly defined goal can make it very difficult to achieve what you’re after. But once it’s properly defined, you then need to work out exactly how to make it happen.

    • What smaller goals must be achieved in each area of the company to achieve the big one?
    • What steps need to be taken in each area of the company to achieve their goals?
    • Who is going to take which steps?
    • How will all of this be coordinated?
    • Who’s going to keep track of it all, and how?
    • How is it going to be financed?
    • How will you ensure the additional workload doesn’t interfere with current production?
    • How do you keep your staff motivated towards the goal when it’s quite long-term?
    • How are you going to measure progress?
    • What smaller goals must be achieved in each area of the company to achieve the big one?

    This is just the beginning of a long list of questions that need to be asked, and which need an answer.

    But with the Achieve Your Goals Series, you will be able to lay it all out in detail, and it will work!

    The series includes 7 manuals:

    • 1 How to Achieve Your Goals: An Introduction
    • 2 Achieve Your Goals: Using Policy
    • 3 Achieve Your Goals: Using Plans
    • 4 Achieve Your Goals: Using Programs and Projects
    • 5 Achieve Your Goals: Using Ideal Scenes
    • 6 Achieve Your Goals: Using Statistics
    • 7 Achieve Your Goals: Using Valuable Final Products
  • how to create effective team

    Dynamic Team Building Series Package


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    This is a rapid training approach! Each team member will understand exact data of the Hubbard Management System. Two members of the team twin up, are given these materials and told to get each other through! By each member doing the Dynamic Team Building Series package you create in short order an effective, successful team.

    Package includes 7 manuals:
    1. Flourish and Prosper! The Ultimate Weapon for Success
    2.The Natural Law of Personal Success
    3. Increasing Your Ability to Effectively Work
    4. How to Build a Productive Team
    5. How to Thrive in Any Economy
    6. Affinity, Reality & Communication: The Components of Understanding
    7. How to Make Your Strategy a Reality

  • professional public relations

    Professional Public Relations Series Package


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    Public relations – defined as the professional maintenance of a favorable public image – is the basis of a healthy, growing business. Without good public relations, your marketing and sales efforts get minimal response and your marketing dollars are all but wasted. This public relations package includes 6 manuals.  The series teaches all the public relations basics to your PR staff, and anyone in your company who comes in contact with the public.

    The package includes:

    1. Professional PR – An Introduction.
    2. Professional PR – Causing PR.
    3. Professional PR – How To Reach Your Public.
    4. Professional PR – Easing Human Relations
    5. Professional PR – The Missing Ingredient.
    6. Professional PR – Building Goodwill
  • How to Successfully Organize Anything


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    This is the first in a whole sequence covering the underlying natural laws of how to organize. With this you can really organize anything.

  • Marketing Essentials: Assuming Viewpoint


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    The first in a whole series covering fundamental marketing basics. In this initial workshop you acquire the practical skills necessary to understand who you are marketing to – and how.

  • Organization Misunderstoods: How to Prevent Trouble at Work


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    In this workshop you learn the nine factors behind all organization trouble and what to do about them. You also handle what shuts down your awareness and ability at work.

  • Management articles based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard


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    Ever wish you just had a simple booklet to hand to an employee to read and implement to solve a particular problem without having to spend a lot of time explaining what they should do? Now you can! Each booklet has its own glossary. They are extracted from the HCA Reference Library Set.

    The 24 Hubbard College Policy Booklets will help you with following:

    1. How To Handle Work
    2. The Competence of Understanding
    3. Flourish And Prosper
    4. Developed Traffic
    5. Conditions of Exchange
    6. Completed Staff Work
    7. The Administrative Scale
    8. Battle Plans
    9. Rewards and Penalties
    10. The Conditions Formula
    11. Personal, Lines And Hats
    12. Basic Organization
    13. Advertising Policies
    14. Valuable Final Products
    15. Organization and Morale
    16. Management Coordination
    17. Not-Dones, Half-Dones and Backlogs
    18. The Safe Point
    19. Good Manners
    20. Organization Communications
    21. What Is a Hat?
    22. Targeting Of Statistics And Quotas
    23. The Phases Of Production
    24. Name, Want And Get Your Product


  • Emotions in the workplace


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    Whether or not things run smoothly in business, and in every aspect of life, isn’t just a question of how well someone knows how to do their job. Of course, training and experience matter but, even more important, is a person’s emotional ‘tone’.


    Emotions do not manifest only in someone acting happy, sad, angry, enthusiastic and so on. They go a lot deeper. In fact, they dictate how a person will treat others, and how they will treat their duties and their company.

    A person who is angry, for example, is also likely to make certain types of mistakes on the job. As well as being unpleasant and difficult to work with.

    Someone who is bored will tend to be a little careless. They’ll do an okay job, but it might not be thorough, and it won’t be outstanding.

    An enthusiastic person, on the other hand, will often do more than is asked for, more than is expected.

    There is a long list of possible emotions. And each of them manifest in ways that can make your company successful, or cause difficulty and even failure.

    Find out more about how emotions affect your company, and what you can do about it, with Emotions in the Workplace.

    The Emotions in the Workplace package includes workshop materials and a DVD.

  • Learning How to Learn for Teens and Adults

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    Why are some people able to grasp a subject or instructions quickly and apply them with success while others bumble along and never seem to really get it? One of the main elements that makes a difference is the ability to study. This course levels the playing field by teaching a person how to study and exactly what to do if they don’t achieve full comprehension. It will boost the ability of all staff to follow policy and procedures and thereby make things run efficiently and without error.

    The fully illustrated course can be studied in a classroom environment or as home study. Flash cards are also available to facilitate learning.

    Soft cover


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