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    12 Driving Sales Strategies For Big Sales Success


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    A full series of webinars and exercises on how to win the customer’s heart!

    Dear friends,

    • Do you have difficulties increasing your profit?

    • Have you got enough loyal clients or do you want more?

    • Are your sales people somehow afraid to contact potential clients?

    • Do they have the needed skills to create interest in the potential clients?

    • Do they sell with trust? Or are often called “too agressive”?

    • Do they know how to handle difficult clients and objections? When faced with difficulties as a result directly “take their pants off”?

    • Do your sales people lose clients?

    • Are they afraid to close the deal?

    • Are you blindly positioned?

    • Do you control your word of mouth?


    Here is some preview of one of the videos of the training:


    As a result you will know:

    • how to easily, with no effort, achieve the desired sales results;

    • what to do to be prepared for the competitive market;

    • how to really understand the client’s needs;

    • how to establish trust with clients- existing and potential;

    • what is a real and false objection and how to handle objections;

    • how to position yourself, your company and product on the market;

    • how not to feel fear;

    • what to do to make people start talk to you.

    And much more.

    One-time subscription with unlimited access to hours of webinars : 95 euro, (20%) VAT inclusive. Once subscribed you will get a link to a video list. This list will be updated regularly. You can unlimitedly watch all videos in the list.


    • Exercise to be in present time.

    • Conviction.

    • How to correctly position yourself and your company.

    • Using emotions as a key success in sales.

    • Using the correct emotions in negotiations in order to make the people act.

    • How to give over your ideas to other people as to achieve agreement and good-will.

    • What is the role of the emotions in marketing and sales and how to overcome barriers and achieve results.

    • Four exact steps for sales with trust:


                    B. Handle the objections using “the deadly quartet” in sales;

                    C. Finding what lies behind the needs and how to move the client;

                    D. Giving solutions.

    • Finding out if an objection is false or real

    • Handling real objection:

              „Camping technique”.

              „Shut up and close the deal”.

              „You can be right”.

    • Admiration.

    And much more,

    Trainer: Marc J. De Turck*

      марк_де_турк, идеас_българия, как_да_увелича_продажбите

    Marc J. De Turck is an international trainer and coach with more than 22 years of experience. He has held seminars for top executives and leaders across Europe, Asia, North and South America. He has helped over 1000 companies to improve their organization, sales and marketing strategy so managers are more free and employees can work more efficiently.