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    Extension course “Professional public relations”


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    With or without college degree, it’s never too late to improve the situation a person is in.


    Do you need to improve your skills or learn new ones to be happier or more successful? 

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    You can change things with our new “Professional public relations” extension course program!

    • • Would you like to make your employees more valuable to your company?

    • • Do you want to improve your skills and earning potential?

    • • Do you already have a profession but feel your lack of skills is holding you back?

    • • Do you want to move into management in your field?

    • • Do you feel you could be doing a better job and would like to improve your skills?

    • • Would you like to make your employees more valuable to your company?

    By doing the “Professional Public Relations” you will get the most important tools for creating a good relations with your clients!

    What will be the benefit for you?

    Public relations – defined as the professional maintenance of a favorable public image – is the basis of a healthy, growing business. Without good public relations, your marketing and sales efforts get minimal response and your marketing budget is all but wasted. This public relations package teaches all the public relations basics to your PR and sales staff, and anyone in your company who comes in contact with the public.

    Public Relations precede all marketing actions. Invest wise — learn the technology of Public Relations.

    Skills for creation of good relations are vital to all aspects of business and life. They are key to customer service, sales transactions and company relations. With the extension course “Professional public relations”, you will be able to have it all  in detail, and it will work!

    achieving goals in management

    The course includes:

    • • Pack of 7 workshops from the series “Professional public relations”:

    1. An Introduction.

    2. Causing PR.

    3. How To Reach Your Public.

    4. Easing Human Relations.

    5. The Missing Ingredient.

    6. Building Goodwill.

    7. Marketing essentials – Assuming viewpoint

    • • 7 hours online or live work with certified supervisor, who will help and guide you through the drills, assignments and practicals exercises.

    Good public relations is vital to the expansion of any activity. With a real understanding of PR, a business will expand even in hard economic times.


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