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    Are you a fireman instead of a manager?

    The techniques from this online management academy will free you from the unfinished task lists to put your focus on a purposeful action plan that leads to true, successful results.

    * This online academy is suitable only for managers, owners, CEO, and founders.

    Dear friends,

    • Do you feel like a slave to your job?

    • Do you have to do all the work yourself?

    • Do you have time to see where your company is going?

    • Are you constantly buried by current tasks?

    • Do you have time for family?

    • Do you often get frustrated with your employees?

    • Do you want to learn how to build a control and monitoring system for your business so that your employees are much more productive and you earn 2 times more?

    • Do you spend a lot of time searching for employees who, after you hire them, don’t work?

    • Are you sure your company has the most efficient and optimized organization, oriented towards results?

    • Do you feel insecure about building a plan and strategy to successfully guide your business and team in different situations?

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    Team Management:

    мотивация на служителите
    1. 1. How to organize your company and team so that they can grow;

    2. 2. Techniques to help you manage without stress;

    3. 3. What and how to tell your employees when they are not performing their duties and are not taking responsibility;

    4. 4. Technology to know for sure who to delegate and how;

    5. 5. Ways to see very quickly who and/or what is hindering business or department development.


    Time Management

    1. 1. Sequential plan that eliminates your endless to-do list;

    2. 2. Ready-made strategy for setting goals over time that will reduce planning stress and free up more time.


    Creating Effective Organization:

    1. 1. Organizing board – the ideal organizational business model for any activity, with the relevant departments, hierarchy, functions, specific duties and results, communication lines, and rules;

    2. 2. Tool for creating the ideal scene to turn all your employees’ noses in the same direction so that they can see what you see and walk together;

    3. 3. A monitoring system to track the performance of your employees’ tasks so that you do not become a fireman;

    4. 4. The exact formulas for success

    ♦♦♦ FEEDBACK ♦♦♦

    “The training really helped me figure out the right way to manage. It showed me ways of interaction in a business environment.”- Deputy CEO of an airline “The most important thing I learned from this training was that as managers, in order to have free time to achieve our future goals, we must delegate responsibilities and always receive answers to our questions” – an investment company executive director. “One of the few courses during which I felt I really needed it. I received information that I do not need to repeat, it is easy to remember and intuitive. After this program, the main things become practically a part of you.”- Manager at a production company “The training helped me see the bigger picture more clearly. Excellent presentation of basic management concepts, tools and techniques. Inspirational!”- Founder and owner of a legal services company  

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    Trainer: Marc J. de Turck

    Marc J. de Turck is an international trainer and coach with more than 25 years of experience. He has held seminars for top executives and leaders across Europe, Asia, North and South America. He has helped over 1000 companies to improve their organization, sales, and marketing strategy so managers are freer and employees can work more efficiently.

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