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Free Boss Workshop! Get Rid Of Problems At Work

19 March @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

workshop for managers

Are you a fireman instead of a manager?

If YES, find out how to become a FREE BOSS!

Something CAN be done about it! Subscribe to this seminar NOW!

This seminar is appropriate only for managers, owners, CEO and their assistants and HRs. 


  • Do you feel like you are a slave to your job? Besides that, are you doing the whole work yourself?

  • Even more – you have NO time to see where your business is going?

  • In other words, you are constantly stuck with current tasks.

  • Maybe you do not have time for the family?

  • Often find yourself nervous? 

  • Do you want to learn how to build a control and monitoring system for your business? Due to that system, your employees could be much more efficient and you can earn 2 times more?

  • Maybe as a manager’s assistant, you are overworked?

  • As an assistant, do you feel like a sandwich man, who is caught between your colleagues and the boss?

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When: 15th of January, from 10:00 till 18:00
Wherе: Bulgaria, Sofia, Hotel Metropolitan

Price of the workshop: 175 Euro without VAT for 1 participant of a company, 300 Euro without VAT for a manager and his assistant.

Special price for the subscription for the workshop till 8th of January: 145 Euro without VAT for 1 participant, 270 Euro without VAT for a manager and his assistant

The price includes materials, 2 coffee brakes and lunch.

➡ If you can not participate in the workshop, you can subscribe to the online version of the training. The video will be uploaded the next day after the workshop.

Price for the online version: 155 Euro without VAT

Special price for the subscription of the online version till the 8th of January: 125 Euro VAT excluded.

For more information and subscription: +359 2 9623984



  • Strategic organization or how to organize your company in a way that it strategically goes to expansion

  • First of all, you will learn the difference between fact and opinion

  • How to manage your team to avoid conflicts and disagreements

  • What is a team and how and the most important when the things can go wrong

  • Who stops the business development 


  • Create ideal scenes: What is the ideal scene for business, including how to create it and how it contributes to the goal of every business;

  • Delegation: How successful assignment works and more importantly how to track their performance without becoming a “fireman” for your employees;

  • What and how to tell your employees when they are not performing their duties;

  • The way of management that makes people responsible;

  • Monitoring: How you can track objectively and evaluate the work of each employee based on their results? Also how to develop your business, to know when you have to intervene and when you can let it work alone;

  • The solution, which reduces fatigue, stress and tension;

  • Assistant: What is the role of the manager’s assistant and what he can do, as a result, manager to have more free time

  • Success Formulas: Which are the right steps to ensure success?

Over 1000 managers have learned the TRUTHS in management.
Become one of them!


Trainer: Marc de Turck


Marc De Turck is an international trainer and coach with more than 22 years of experience. He has held seminars for top executives and leaders across Europe, Asia, North and South America. He has helped over 1000 companies to improve their organization, sales and marketing strategy. For the reason that these managers are freer and employees can work more efficiently.

®.* The participants will receive a certificate for having completed the course on FREE BOSS, which follows the standard of  Model of Administrative Know-How and Hubbard Management System. More than 120 000 companies worldwide use this standard.

**For double impact we will conduct the training in Bulgarian and English languages.

*** The seminar is entirely practical and you can start using the tools you receive the next day. Therefore we strongly advise at least two people from one company to participate.

The participants will receive additional FREE bonuses:

  • Business monitoring system. 

Get rid of the problems of your work and

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Client who attended to FREE BOSS Workshop
February 19, 2019

My name is Andrey Kamenov and I am the owner of Orbisoft, a company that manufactures software systems and sites. I like work and I do it with desire every day for 7 years. Despite the rising trend of my business, I have been struggling for a long time with organizational problems, with customer communication and the sales process. I had clear goals about where I wanted to be and what to achieve, but the path to their achievement was vague, confused, with the times of difficulty. In a few words: "A lot of work for small and unsatisfactory results." After attending the Free Boss seminar, I realized that I had lost a lot of time in search of complex systems for organizing business, time, team, products and energy. This whole chain I found in the courses of 'Ideas'. Working with Mark and his team has helped me to double my sales, organize my processes and deliver my products on time. Sincerely I recommend working with Mark and Ideas if anyone has any doubt can write to me an.kamenov@gmail.com. I'd be glad to talk to him about it.


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