What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 2)

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What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 2)

Don’t do this mistake

A lot of managers stuck into one level of expansion of their business and they struggle going up, because they do this big mistake. The mistakes is that they behave and think like a victim. They start to believe they are stuck, but actually they are stucked in their own beliefs or as we said they have this victim mentality. 

What exactly is a victim? This is a person who gave over his control, he doesn’t have and doesn’t want to have control of the situation any more. As a result of this they do not take responsibility. They always blame the market, the employees, the government. If you find yourself as a victim from time to time ask yourself the following questions:  Who is responsible for your success in business or life?; Who is responsible for your happiness? The correct answer is YOU!

I give you one real example of a business owner who was a victim. We met him and he starts to complain: there is no employees; that the employees he has got do not take any responsibility; how small the market is; he can not do anything; life is unfair; nothing is possible. Making other things and people responsible for his business had affected badly also his physical and mental health. On every solution we proposed him for the business he answered with a problem. On every opportunity we showed he said “this is not possible”.  Then we said “in this case since everything is impossible why don’t you just close your business”. This was not of course an option for him, so finally he saw that it is time to change something.

Other phrases you can often hear from the victim than those mentioned above are: I have to, I need to. I must to, I have never done that, I don’t know how, it doesn’t work, what if I fail, It is not my fault, Never, Always, Ok I’ll try.

The first and easiest way to start changing something in order to succeed is to start with you. If you see that everything is impossible, how can you expect your people to see the things differently, how can you expect people to take responsibility since you do not do it. A manager should be a model, everything starts first from him.

If you want to build successful business and beautiful results in your life, the first thing you have to start doing is cut off your complains, take off the blames you used as excuses and justifications and after that start taking control. Write down what you think and say during the day and change this victims expression, you better start discipline your thoughts.

Everyone has problems and situations and some people try to control them, but the victim doesn’t try , because he prefer to be controlled from the situation, to be effect. How to start taking control – just see what can you do everyday, which little steps you can take in order to have a little bit more control, make list with those steps and do this every day. This will bring your responsibility level up and will help you build confidence and control. This will help you build the life you want.


by Nevena Topalova

Twitter Nevena Topalova

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