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How To Create The Perfect Organization In Your Company

26 February @ 10:00 am - 28 March @ 6:00 pm

Give me 3 days and I will help you implement a successful business organizational model and strategic plan

Clear organization leads to efficiency and productivity. Lack of good organization leads to confusion and waste of time.

Everybody knows that organization brings income, and chaos leads to minuses.

Less is known is how to organize departments, teams, products so that they are as effective as possible. Honestly, we regularly see in the companies we work with, not a real team, but rather a group of individuals working in the same company. It’s easy to see how the familiar problems stem from it. We speak about the following problems: lack of communication between people or conflicts, the constant need of the boss to check how far the execution of tasks went, lack of free time, and so on.

Less known is how to plan in the short and long term so that you don’t miss the moment when the statistics go in the wrong direction. Do you know what to do, what tasks to order if the results of the company are:

  • non-existence, because you start now;

  • seriously down; 📉

  • slightly down;

  • no change in the results;

  • in affluence; 📈

  • seriously up

These tasks are not easy to be executed when you do not know where to start and what is the right sequence of organizing and planning. However, they are the main and most important obligations that weigh on the heads of owners, CEOs, and managers.

Very often in our practice, we see how, due to lack of organization and planning, most of the managers fail to spend time with their family because they are engulfed in various “fires” that must be extinguished. Because the definition of the word “manager” has become “the person I go to when I have a problem that will find a solution.”

It would be a crime to have a successful model that can organize any activity and not provide it to you. That is why this course is for you and “your right hand”.

⚠️This three-day course is completely practical⚠️


Here is what will happen:

  • We will build an organization of your company and the activities in it so that they follow a specific order to get a “flow” of movement and energy.

  • We will identify each function and department of the organization in order to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

  • We will determine the end result of each activity using the successful business model. (Who – How – What)

  • We will determine the statistics that you must follow to know where things are going.

  • We will make strategic planning based on the results.

  • You will receive 6 ready-made formulas that you must follow to plan your tasks and those of your team.

  • We will define the ideal scene you are aiming for and determine how to get from the real to the ideal scene.

You will get the following:

  1. A clear organization following a precise flow;

  2. Confidence in measuring and monitoring the results from activities in your company;

  3. Confidence in the preparation of an action plan at any moment;

  4. Ready-made formulas for planning your week and for planning the work of the team

  5. Time saved (leading to more free time).

  6. Going out of confusion.


When: 26, 27, 28th February (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

You can join the training either in person (Sofia, Metropolitan Hotel) or remotely (online, broadcast live).


Trainer: Marc De Turck

Marc De Turck is an international trainer and coach with more than 22 years of experience. He has held seminars for top executives and leaders across Europe, Asia, North and South America. He has helped over 800 companies to improve their organization, sales, and marketing strategy so managers are freer and employees can work more efficiently.



Price for participation in person (for one attendee): 625 euro VAT excluded (price includes materials, two coffee breaks, lunch, video recording from the training, and the opportunity for networking).

Price for online participation (for one attendee): 550 euro VAT excluded (price includes materials and video recording from the training).

➡ Price discounts:

15% early-bird discount, valid up to 10 days before the date of the training(531 euro VAT excluded for live participation and 468 euro for online participation) 

10% for second and every other participant from the same company

For more information and subscription: +359 2 9623984


Get the best organizational model and formulas for strategic planning!

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26 February @ 10:00 am
28 March @ 6:00 pm
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