What is a manager?

6 October 2020   •   no comments   
What is a manager?

I came across a forum where a new topic was started some time ago with the following question: “Hello! The question may seem silly to you, but what does a manager actually do? What are his responsibilities? Is his work stressful and does he have free time?”

I decided to share some of the answers, which I strongly hope come from employees. It would be sad if these comments came from a manager.

– “Every company is different, but in general, making presentations, looking for clients, sending offers, monitoring product preparation, installation, etc.  In general, the manager moves the whole production and trade process.”

– “Management” means “governance”. It literally means “to succeed” to do some work and solve its problems, to make responsible decisions.

“Managers are mostly cold-blooded players. They manage companies for maximum economic benefit. They are not interested in the morale and well-being of the people. They do not care whether salaries will be normal, as long as they attract customers.”

Why do I share this?

First of all, I hope to make you smile 🙂

Secondly, I hope that I can make you think about the answers above, because these are completely real comments from actual people, who are most likely someone’s employees. Recently, the words management and manager became very modern, but do you know what “manager” means for your employees? And do you know if what it means to you coincides with their idea of it?

I observe that more and more often a manager is defined as “the person I go to when I have a problem who will tell me what to do to solve it”.

If you are then wondering why you do not have enough free time as a manager – this is one of the main reasons.

If you want to understand the weakness of managers, the knowledge of which will help you take on the role of the manager in its true definition: The person who does not do the work alone, but makes sure that the employees do their work themselves, takes care of them, organizes and plans the expansion of the activity.  

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Author: Darina Maleeva

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