Reference letter from client for the workshop Free Boss

31 January 2019   •   no comments   
Reference letter from client for the workshop Free Boss


My name is Andrei Kamenov and I am the owner of Orbisoft, a company that manufactures software systems and sites.

I like work and I do it with desire every day for 7 years.

Despite the rising trend of my business, I have been struggling for a long time with organizational problems, with customer communication and the sales process. I had clear goals about where I wanted to be and what to achieve, but the path to their achievement was vague, confused, with the times of difficulty. In a few words: “A lot of work for small and unsatisfactory results.”

After attending the Free Boss workshop, I realized that I had lost a lot of time in search of complex systems for organizing business, time, team, products and energy. This whole chain I found in the courses of ‘Ideas’. Working with Marc and his team has helped me to double my sales, organize my processes and deliver my products on time.

Sincerely I recommend working with Marc and Ideas if anyone has any doubt can write to me


I’d be glad to talk to him about it.


Andrey Kamenov



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