Handling Exhaustion In the Workday World

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Handling Exhaustion In the Workday World

We saw in the last article that exhaustion has to do with introversion.

What can we do in order not to feel exhausted? An individual who is continually fixed upon some object of work should fix his attention otherwise after working hours.

Take a Walk

This is very easy to perform. When one feels tired on finishing his work, no matter if the thought of doing so is almost all that he can tolerate without falling through the floor, he should go out and walk around the block until he feels rested. In short, he should walk around the block and look at things until he sees the things he is walking near. It does not matter how many times he walked around the block.He should walk around the block until he feels better.

In doing this it will be found that one will become a little brighter at first and then will become very much more tired.

He will become sufficiently tired that he knows now that he should go to bed and have a good night’s sleep. This is not the time to stop walking since he is walking through exhaustion. He is walking out his exhaustion. He is not handling the exhaustion by physical exercise. The physical exercise has always appeared to be the more important factor to people, but the exercise is relatively unimportant. The factor that is important is the unfixing of his attention from his work to the material world in which he is living.

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One cannot work all day and walk around the block all night and go to work the next day again and still expect to feel relieved. But one should certainly spend some time extroverting after having introverted all day. The extroversion of attention is as necessary as the work itself. There is nothing really wrong with introverting attention or with work. If one didn’t have something to be interested in, he would go to pieces entirely. But if one works, it will be found that an unnatural tiredness is apt to set in. When this is the case then the answer to this is not a drop into
unconsciousness for a few hours as in sleep. The answer is in actually extroverting the attention and then getting a really relaxing sleep.

Look Them Over

Similar to “Take a Walk” is another procedure known as “Look Them Over.” If one handle people who are difficult to handle all day, the wrong thing to do is to run away from all the people there are in the world. A person can become exhausted from contact with other people. A remedy is for him to walk along a well-populated area noting people as he walks. As he looks at more and more people, he will find he feels kinder toward them. Any feelings of overstrain with people can go away entirely.

Source: The book Problems of work by L. Ron Hubbard

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