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How To Train Your Team? (5days course)

30 August @ 10:00 am - 3 September @ 6:00 pm

In a technological society, someone who cannot easily assimilate data is in serious danger of being left behind. Our own future and success depend upon our ability to understand and apply what we study.

It is a reality of the modern world that anyone in the workforce, whether on the factory floor or in the executive suite, must have the ability to assimilate important information, retain it and then be able to apply it. This process, whether formal or informal, is what is meant by “study.”

And we connect what we are studying to what we will be doing.

But think about this for a moment – Why are some people able to grasp a subject or instructions quickly and apply them with success while others bumble along and never seem to really get it? And you – have you ever read a page and been completely blank as to what it was about? And even when you read it again, it still didn’t sink in?

The answer, why this happens, is very simple – in all your life nobody taught you how to really study something.

Maybe, as a business professional with many years of experience, you are thinking “yeah, this is not for me, I did my studies and I don’t need this”. If this is the case we challenge you to do the following:

–          Write down on a piece of paper what for you means “motivation” (this is a very hot topic today). Or you can even try with “manager”.

–          Gather a couple of your people and ask them, without talking to each other, to write down what the same word means for them.

And in case the meanings are different you have your answer why sometimes you encounter trouble with your subordinates not understanding you. And you both should come to this course!

This workshop raises a person to a higher level of understanding by showing him how to learn and what exactly to do if he has not achieved full understanding. This will increase his ability to develop, acquire new skills, become more competent, follow rules and procedures, and thus make things work efficiently and without mistakes.

A proven system that will teach you how to train anyone you want!

No matter how much we know, there’s always more to learn. The course “How to train our team” enables anyone to improve their skills in their current position and quickly grasp the policies and procedures of any new position or undertaking – exactly what companies need for continual growth.

Implementing the learning process in your organization not only prepares your corporate trainers (or yourself) and makes training more effective, but also provides a powerful set of skills and opportunities for growth and development for executives and managers who act as instructors in their respective roles. These people train their employees all the time (or at least they should). Why not give them the skills to do it right the first time?

So hurry up and subscribe!

The group is limited to 10 participants!

Program of the course:

  • Why do we study?

  • Which are the barriers to study?

  • Understanding the true meaning of the words

  • Effectively balancing theory with practice while studying something

  • How to help someone to study something with coaching

  • What are the methods you can use to help another person learn something effectively?

  • Learning exercises

  • Information and the power of choice

  • Analyzing how to deal with false information

  • Detection of higher data
    * The workshop is developed on the principle of 90% practice and 10% theory.

This course is for:
Business owners and managers
Team managers
Coaches and trainers
And anyone who wants to guarantee their personal success


Information for the trainer:
Darina Maleeva-Tsvetanova is a coach, licensed supervisor, and consultant. For the last ten years she has been working with a mission – to help Bulgarian business grow and be more successful because she knows that the real positive change in the world starts from there – it is the companies that change the economy for the better, and at the same time the change is coming for each person.

End results:

  •    Improve your concentration

  •    Improve your ability to learn everything

  •   Be able to apply what you study


In the end, you will be able not only to really understand and apply any new information, but you will also receive a “company trainer” certificate and you will be able to help your whole team understand and apply any new information much easier!


Your future success depends on the ability to learn!

Subscribe now!

When: each day between 2nd and 6th of September 2022

Price: 750€

For more information and subscription: +32 468 12 78 72



Plamen Kanchev, Sales manager in Together Bulgaria:
“After the course, I can easily identify when someone encounters barriers while studying or applying something, I can identify the symptoms in my work and see very quickly what is happening. I have a precise and clear approach regarding how to help them move forward. For myself, I can now explain and understand faster and easier in order to apply things.”



Petar Katzarski, consultant
“The course is unique, very useful! I found out where I had problems learning new information, why I have problems at work and in my personal life. I see how I can learn and deal with things. I will apply it immediately in my work and in my life. Now I see where the problems of many people come from and why there are so many people who are stagnant and do not want to learn and understand. I welcome everyone to take the course to have a better and easier life!



If ou are in doubt  about this course – it was worth it!



Almost everyone can agree that in order to improve yourself and progress in life, you must be able to learn. Completing your education, getting a promotion, helping your employees to be more responsible by training them, making more money, and other personal and professional achievements usually depend solely on the ability to learn and to apply what has been learned.

But how does one acquire this ability?


The answer is in this practical workshop, which will completely change the way you absorb and apply information!

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30 August @ 10:00 am
3 September @ 6:00 pm
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