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Unusual Communication Drills, That Will Change Your Life (3day Course)

28 June @ 10:00 am - 30 June @ 6:00 pm

комуникационни упражнения

Give me 3 days and I will make you a magician in communication

  • Did you know that 80% of the efficiency of your company and your personal results depend on the speed and accuracy of communication?

  • Just remember how much time and energy you lost the last time you had to clear up a misunderstanding with a client or colleague!

  • According to recent studies, the stress in the workplace is mainly due to problems in communication between people!

  • Imagine that you master the laws of communication to perfection and in every situation, you are strong and confident!

  • Imagine winning the negotiations and staying friends with the other party! That would be great, wouldn’t it?

If you are:
– A boss who has a problem with his employees not communicating properly;
– A salesperson who finds it difficult to persuade customers and negotiate;
– A receptionist who has to deal with negative emotions;
– A manager who is tired of not understanding others and wants to control the communication around him
A presenter or just a person who is insecure, scared, or nervous, and uncontrollable in “difficult situations” of communication.


Stop wasting time and money on poor communication! Something can be done! Communication is a process that has its own laws and formula!


1st day:

  • 4 viruses in communication that stop you to give over your communication and to be right for your idea – Negative opinion, Fixed Ideas, Rumors, “I know everything” mentality.

As a result, a person becomes susceptible and generates 4 viruses in communication, which prevents him from properly transmitting information and showing the rightness of his idea to other people.

  • Tone scale of Emotions – How to know and control the emotion of the other person; – How to communicate in any situation without the effect of negative communication; – How to bring people and ourselves to levels where there are rationality, understanding, and the possibility of agreement.

  • The triangle of UNDERSTANDING – ARC (Affinity / Reality / Communication) – A formula for building understanding, without which it is impossible to reach an agreement.

  • The only and unique Communication Formula – the Formula for Real Communication; Principle of melting ice – Interesting / Intrigued;

  • You can be right – Higher communication – The art of seeing justice in the other person without depriving oneself of one’s own. The ability to convey information that the other party agrees with without feeling defeated.

  • Admiration – The universal “solvent” of negative attitudes and reaching agreement and understanding.

2nd day – UNUSUAL DRILLS Coaching session:

Communication exercises with increasing degree of difficulty in 8 phases:

Phase 1 – “Presence in the present moment with closed eyes”. If a person does not learn to simply be present at the beginning of ANY communication, he will not be able to start it properly.
Phase 2 – “Presence in the present moment (Confrontation) with open eyes” – The ability of the communicator to feel comfortable in front of any interlocutor – The lack of skill for real confrontation is a barrier to any communication and ESPECIALLY negative communication.
Phase 3 – “Chasing the bull” – Achieving the ability to sit in front of someone without reacting to what the other party does or says – positively or negatively.
Phase 4 – “Bringing a message to the other” – Acquiring the ability to send a message to the listener and he understands it.

3rd day – UNUSUAL DRILLS Coaching session:

Phase 5 – “Confirmation” – Acquiring the ability to give a complete confirmation so that the other party can feel satisfied with the fact that they have received and understood the message and that there is no need to repeat it.

Phase 6 – “Semi-confirmation” – Acquiring the ability to encourage someone to keep talking.

Phase 7 – “Getting an answer to a question” – Acquiring the ability to get a clear and accurate answer to a question.

Phase 8 – “Coping” – Building the ability to deal with objections, comments, criticism, problematic situations and continue the conversation to the desired end.


End Results: 

  1. Be able to confront and control any type of communication;

  2. Achieving a higher operational level;

  3. Better control over communication with people around you;

  4. Increased stability in difficult and busy environments;

  5. A better understanding of your ideas, tasks, orders, and advice to people and gaining the skill of how to make people more intrigued by them;

  6. Improved ability to neutralize negative communication and negative emotions and the ability to not be affected by them;

  7. Maintaining a good mental state even after long work with different types of difficult people and in critical situations.


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When: 28th, 29th and 30th of June

You can attend the training either in person (in hotel Metropolitan, Sofia, Bulgaria) or remotely (online, we broadcast live).


Price for live: 625Euro VAT excluded (price includes materials, two coffee breaks, lunch, and the networking opportunity).

Price for this online participation (for one attendee): 550 euro VAT excluded (price includes materials and video recording from the training).

For more information and subscription: +32 468 12 78 72

*We strongly advise at least two people from one company to participate, since the drills are made in pairs. 




During the two days, I found completely new methods and ways to communicate. Things that I did not pay attention to or did not know how to handle. The training routines taught me how to notice the little things that make communication much easier. Thank you!” – Manager of a PR agency.

“I have learned how to see things that seem obvious and simple at first glance but I have neglected them.” – Innovations manager in a wealth and fertilizer production company, Belgium

“I came without any expectations but I am impressed by the lecture of Mr. De Turck. Everything was given in an engrossing, lively, compelling manner. It definitely provokes my interest and the desire to learn more about emotions and their successful usage in all aspects of life. It was a pleasure for me to attend this seminar and to learn from a person that has turned work into art. I recommend it to anyone that wants to learn something useful while having fun.” – Lawyer in Law company

“I learned extremely interesting ways how to better understand the other parties in a communication process- colleagues, friends, family members. The exercises that we did during the first day will be useful in future problematic situations in communication, when is needed to stay calm and to handle the emotions.” – Accountant in an investment group.

Coach: Marc De Turck*

как да стана добър мениджър

Marc De Turck is an international trainer and coach with more than 22 years of experience. He has held seminars for top executives and leaders across Europe, Asia, North and South America. He has helped over 1000 companies to improve their organization, sales, and marketing strategy. For the reason that these managers are freer and employees can work more efficiently.

®.* The participants will receive a certificate for having completed the course on Communication Drills, which follows the standard of  Model of Administrative Know-How and Hubbard Management System. More than 120 000 companies worldwide use this standard.

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©*Ladies and gentlemen, please note that when submitting the registration form to participate in seminars organized by Ideas Bulgaria, we rely on your correctness. We accept cancellations up to 10 days before training otherwise you need to pay the fee of 30% of the seminar cost.


28 June @ 10:00 am
30 June @ 6:00 pm
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