How a small company achieves upward results despite COVID-19

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How a small company achieves upward results despite COVID-19

During the pandemic, an expert on heating starts a new business and grows thanks to the Hubbard© Management System.

Mr. Yavor Vartnikov has been looking for knowledge on the problem of organizing and managing people for 7 years. He followed a lot of business training and read several managerial books, but couldn’t find usable solutions.

Luckily, In January 2020 he received a mail inviting him to come to the FreeBoss trilogy. Series of 3 seminars on the Hubbard© Management System. The seminars opened Yavor’s eyes and he applied the data immediately in his activity with success.

He realized at the same time that the partner with whom he worked was not geared towards expansion. So he decided – before the pandemic and with the help of IDEAS FreeBoss to go his way.

The decision was not easily taken, it took quite some looking at the consequences, but thanks to Mr. Marc De Turck and his colleague Mrs. Darina Maleeva, he could with certainty take the decision to go alone and to grow his business – Blast Team – on his own.

Starting with determining the goals and purposes as well as determining with Mr. De Turck a plan, Yavor built an organization based fully on the Model of Administrative Know-How of L.Ron Hubbard.

In the midst of the crisis, he implemented a workable business model, recruited different staff, created a monitoring system (statistics and graphs), gave people their hats (responsibilities) and since then, week after week, he is expanding.

Monthly Margin

Yavor explains that the Hubbard© Management System and its Model of Administrative Know-How give him certainty and guarantees expansion.
In September of this year, he received the prestigious Model of Admin Know-How from President WISE© (World Institute of Scientology© Enterprises – see also WISE is a non-profit organization regrouping all business which does work with the management system developed by L.Ron Hubbard.© Every year it gives an award to those business people who achieved expansion and prosperity following its system.

He was the first Bulgarian business person having received this award.

Since then, Yavor is committed to spreading the word in Bulgaria that the Hubbard© Management System is the ONLY FULLY WORKABLE SYSTEM of business that can guarantee expansion.

That is why he decided to become a member of WISE recently and is actively promoting it.

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