5 Successful Practices in Hospitality Business

6 November 2020   •   no comments   
5 Successful Practices in Hospitality Business

5 successful practices for hotel and restaurant management were mentioned by the speaker Mark De Turk at the BNI Innovative Ideas meeting.

Their application will help employees and owners of this type of hospitality business, so we will not delay but will give it right away:

1. Change the opinion of your employees about their role

As a team manager who serves people in a restaurant or hotel, remind your team that their work matters. Especially in Bulgaria, the people working in this business do not have self-esteem that they are important. Serving people is one of the most important and at the same time the most difficult professions.

2. Consistency

Creativity can be used in this work, which of course is always important, but more important is stability. Stability means being consistent and doing your job the same way every day. This is how the standard is maintained.

3. Create standards

Make a video that gives each of your employees a clear idea of ​​what exactly you mean by good service. This will save you a lot of discussions, and on the other hand will confirm the quality of service, as it is in your head. Specifically, the service makes the difference between the companies in the hotel and restaurant industry.

How to create standards?

4. Be interested instead of being interesting

There is nothing wrong with being interesting to others, but in this business, it is more important to be interested. For example, when a customer enters the restaurant, to look at him, to smile at him, to bring him water to take his pill even before he has asked for one. All the ways to show that you are interested, that your attention is focused on him.

5. Use the correct emotions

In this business, knowledge of emotions is very important. Your employees should be able to give confirmation in the same emotion to customers. This will save them a lot of conflict situations and will gain the trust and peace of mind of the client.

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