Businessman-wearing-wings-running-in-field_pop_14025Training, coaching and consulting to free entrepreneurs and leaders so as to be able to play bigger games.


Are you :


Then this is for you.

An open training followed by individual coaching and consulting to free yourself from your organisation and to enable you to control your organisation from distance.


The entrepreneur or leader who really is free from his organisation and who can monitor it from distance.



The training is done in open form or corporate form.

Topics included are : What is a team, where can it go wrong, how to organize effectively, how to set standards, how to communicate standards, how to create self motivation, how to monitor your organisation from distance, how to recruit the performers who will help you to free yourself and much more.

The consulting/coaching session will help the entrepreneur or leader to determine in 21 functions the ideal scene, the actual scene, what to do and who will do it so as to free himself/herself from the organisation.  At the same time the entrepreneur and leader will learn innovative, dynamic ways of successful organizing.


The training takes one day from 10 ti 18:00.

The coaching/consulting session will take 2 to 3 days.

The follow up sessions will be discussed upfront.



Training is done in our premises or in the premises of the corporation.

Coaching is mostly done in our premises.



“For years I did not listen but commanded! Now I will listen! The tone scale! Wondrous thing!” – A general manager in a trading company

“The training helped me understand the correct way to communicate and manage, it showed me the ways to interact in a business environment.”—Assistant to the CEO in an airline company

“The most important thing that I learned from the training was that, as managers, in order to have free time to realize our future goals, we have to delegate responsibilities and to always receive answers to our questions.”  – CEO of an investment company. 

“One of the few seminars, during which I felt I really needed it. I received information that I would not have to go over again, you could just remember it. After this seminar, the main things practically become part of you.” – Manager in a production company

“The seminar helped me see more clearly the bigger picture. Excellent presentation of fundamental management concepts, tools and techniques. Inspiring!” – Founder and owner in a legal service company

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