Get rid of the problems of your company!


You are not alone! 

Something can be done!

Based on our many years of consulting over 1000 Bulgarian company executives, we learned that most of the owners and managers are amazing specialists in their field of activity. But, having started to build their company step by step, they forgot to develop basic management skills and so they “cope” on the go in the best way they can see.

Over the years, we have been able to define the main difficulties that these people – you – face. And we have created, with a lot of enthusiasm, this special program to help you deal with them, to build an organization with practical and effective tools, to free up your time and be able to take on your main function – to plan the development and growth of your business.



The program includes:

1. One-day training “Free Boss”

After this training you will know:

Dates: 20th November 2020.



2. 1-day training “21 secrets of strategic organizational skills

After this training you will know:

Dates:  4th December 2020



3. 1-day “6 Precise Formulas For Success in Your Business”

After the training you will know:

Dates:  17th December 2020

All one-day courses are from 10:00 to 18:00, are held in a group and you can join both in-person (in Sofia, Metropolitan Hotel) and remotely (we broadcast live).

What you get:

4. Video recordings of the three days of training that you can use for in-house training of your employees.

5. Test for analysis of personal potential

A questionnaire that analyzes your strengths and characteristics that are good to work on to reach your full potential.

6. Personal follow-up consultation

with a duration of 3 hours, during which we will make sure that you can apply practically all the tools received so that your business can go “ONLY UP”.


See the feedback we received after participating in the Free Boss program:

The total value of all steps of the program paid separately is 1300 EUR without VAT.

In order to make these tools as accessible as possible for you, we made a very special price for the entire program with a 35% discount – 832.5 EUR without VAT.

The price includes participation in three full-day training in a group, recording of each training for internal purposes, individual test for analysis of personal potential, and individual 3-hour working session/consultation.

The trainer is Marck De Turck (with translation into Bulgarian), who has more than 20 years of practical experience in the business. He has led seminars for top managers and leaders throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. In Bulgaria alone, it has helped more than 2,000 companies improve their work so that managers are freer and employees work more efficiently.

So you have no more excuses!

Get rid of the problems at work!

Come on, the first step to success is pretty easy:

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