Training and coaching in public speaking
and press releases.





Are you :

Then this is for you.

Individual coaching by top international speakers to help the person to speak publicly on any topic.
Individual coaching in preparing and executing a press release.


A person who can speak in front of public.

A person who knows how to prepare and deliver a press release.



The coaching is conducted on per project basis.



The timing  will depend on different factors and will negotiated upfront.



Coaching is mostly done in the premises of the partner/client.




“I saw parallels between the PR in the market and in life. You are interesting and attractive, obviously you know what you are doing and you have contagious enthusiasm.” – HR manager 

“Very powerful seminar with high results afterwards” –Sales representative 

“The information was concrete and focused. The seminar solved an urgent problem that I had in my job. Extremely useful.” – Sales manager

“I can apply in practice what I learned today.” –Sales manager

“The seminar was interactive, increased my knowledge, delivered in understandable for the audience language. For me it is a helping tool to build up my strategies in the social space.” – Freelancer in PR


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