Training, coaching in conducting market surveys, positioning and finding  “Blue Oceans”.



Are you :

Then this is for you.

An open or corporate training session followed by an individual coaching session in which we will help you to find :


The training plus coaching session guarantees to the entrepreneur to think “out-of-the-box” and to find new ways to give more value to the customers, while keeping the old activities running.



The training is conducted in open way or if wanted only in your organisation.

Topics covered


The training takes 1 full day from 10 to 18:00.
The consulting session varies in time from 1 to 5 days.



Open training is done in our dedicated hotel room.

Corporate training is done in a agreed upon location.

Consulting sessions are done in our offices.



“Many useful and practical advises which help in my work and personal life. The seminar was extremely pleasant and useful, the information is delivered in light way with great sense of humor. With many practical exercises and examples.” – Sales agent in trade company

“The training helped me understand the main error when introducing the new innovative product on the market. It also helped me create strategy for its establishment.” – Executive Director in a chemical production company.

“Thanks to  the surveys we were able to economize a lot of money on our promotions” – CEO of a national furniture production and trading company.


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