conclict resolution

Training, coaching and mediation in

conflict prevention and resolution.




Are you :


Then this is for you.

We propose you:  

Open and corporate training and coaching sessions in how to prevent and resolve conflicts as well as possibly needed mediation services .



A leader, entrepreneur, manager who knows how prevent and resolve conflicts.



The topics of the open and corporate training session included are:


Time duration

The open training takes 1 day from 10 to 18:00.

The corporate training takes 1 to 2 days from 10 to 18:00.

The mediation takes usually 1 to 5 days.



The open training is done in our premises.

Corporate training and coaching sessions are done in the premises of the company.

Mediation is done in our premises.



“Great job! I finally understood the power of emotions in negotiations, situation management with clients and in personal improvement.” – Manager in a food producing company

 “The seminar is built extremely interesting having in mind all the exercises and useful advices, which are outside the cliché frame and have exact practical application.” – Sales representative in a cosmetics prodcuting company

“I learned things that I never thought about. Very interesting seminar, the examples were selected very good, very good practices I have never heard before. I think I have encountered many similar situations and now I understand more about them and could achieve more. Very interesting and different from I pictured it to be. ” – Accountant in an advertisement company


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