Never make the wrong hiring decision again.  

Know how to hire and manage your staff to success.




 Are you :


Then this is for you.

We propose you:  


A General Manager and/or HR department which is more certain in recruitment.
A better performing team.


The recruitment and performance appraisal training is done either in open form or in corporate form.

Main topics include:

The full Performia© System Training for managers and HR is done either in Sweden or on-line .

Main topics include  :


Time duration

The open training takes 1 day from 10 to 18:00.

The duration of the full Performia System Evaluation Training varies between 5 to 14 days, depending on the modules the manager wants to take.



The open training is done in our premises.

Coaching sessions are done in the premises of the company.

The full training in the system is done on-line and in Sweden.

The test is filled in in the office of the company, the evaluation can be done either on-line or face-to-face.



“Thank you for this seminar! It will be a lot useful in building my team. And if I need new people how to have the correct valuation while recruiting. You have given me a great deal of motivation!” – General manager in an international trade company

“Magnificent presentation! Very useful information with practical application no matter what kind of business or company you are into. Excellent techniques were presented which will for sure optimize and better my work.” – Business development manager in a main mall in Bulgaria

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