Training, coaching and consulting in policy development, policy writing, policy communication and monitoring.


Are you :

Then this is for you.

An individual coaching session in which we will help you to elaborate, communicate and monitor policy and implement a positively and workable disciplinary system.



The leader who know what is policy, can start writing it, communicating it as well as monitoring its application.



The coaching is conducted individually.

Topics covered



The coaching session varies in time from 4 to 16 hours.




Coaching session is done in our offices.



“Magnificent presentation! Very useful information with practical application no matter what kind of business or company you are into. Excellent techniques were presented which will for sure optimize and better my work.” – Business development manager in a mall in Bulgaria

“Thank you for your positive attitude and the professionalism with which you do your job. Thank you also for the patience and the attention towards our needs and questions. This, what you gave us on the training will help us fix many of the bad practices in our company. ” – Manager in IT Software company.

“I have strengthened my conviction that it is necessary to constantly train the team in order to increase the efficiency.” – Manager in a travel agent company.

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