Coaching in strategic and tactical planning
to make the ideas, personal and business purposes
a reality.


Are you :


Then this is for you.

An individual coaching session in which we will help you to elaborate, communicate and monitor strategic and tactical plans and implement a positively and workable monitoring system.


The leader who knows what is strategic and tactical planing, can start writing it, communicating it as well as monitoring its application.



The coaching is conducted individually.

Topics covered



The coaching session varies in time from 4 to 16 hours.




Coaching session is done in our offices.



“Very systematical and practical oriented information, presented in comprehensible and interesting way. Cause, consequence and ways to handle or correct the situation.” – Partner in Consulting Company. 

“Very valuable information, the application of which will make easier to handle the problems and the barriers in our company.”  – CEO International Textile Manufacturing Company

“The seminar gives concrete steps, formulas, methodology how to make things happen.”   Financial Director Investment Group. 

“The seminar was extremely positive and useful in the management of my subordinates, management of the business and understanding the person in front of me (client, colleague, husband).” – Financial control manager in Building Promotors. 


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