Coaching in handling media attacks, business investigations and security issues 


Are you :


Then this is for you.

Individual coaching to determine possible security risks in staff, processes, law and media.
Effective coaching when there is a security break or media attack.
Help in investigating your staff, business or competitors.


The entrepreneur or leader who received real help in securing and handling security issues in and outside his company.
The entrepreneur or leader who knows how and when to handle media effectively.



The coaching is conducted on per project basis.



The timing  will depend on different factors and will negotiated upfront.



Coaching is mostly done in the premises of the partner/client.



“Mr de Turck is a professional in media PR issues”  -F,A , President European NGO, Belgium.

“Thank you for your help, it really helped us to keep a positive image” – L.F., President Central European NGO Hungary.

“I didn’t know what to do after I was attacked in the media, now I do have a strong plan and I am more convinced I will succeed.” M.S. – Member poltical party Bulgaria

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