ideas and pruposes

Brainstorming sessions on finding
ideas, personal and business purposes.


Are you :

Then this is for you.

A brainstorming session to help you find your purposes again and to give you back energy to find new ideas and look into the future.



We guarantee that we will help you find one of your basic purposes and to give you back sufficient energy to go on and look into the future.



This brainstorming session starts with reading some theory on why people loose their dreams and purposes and what to do to find them back as well as the initial energy of the first days when they started to realize their dreams.


Time duration

The session takes 10 to 16 hours devided into sessions of 2 to 4 hours.



The sessions are done in OUR offices so as to free the entrepreneur or leader from his daily environment.



“Thanks to this session I could really start up my business in China”  –  LVDK, interior building design,  China.

“I started my business after this session with success” –  RDF, WEB design,  Belgium.

“The session was amazing, I found back my initial purposes and started immediately to realize them” – E.B., agri education, Hungary.



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