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Consulting in development and implementation of
ISO,  ITIL and MAKH (Model of Admin Know How)
certification programs.





Are you :


Then this is for you.

Practical help in establishing the manual and the real application of:


A real, applicable and working quality system which guarantees expansion.



After a meeting with you we can determine the program.


The consulting session varies in time and is totally dependent upon the business.


Consulting sessions are done in the premises of the client.



“I was astonished to see that different ISO consultants could not define quality.  When Marc de Turck gave me a simple definition, I gave our ISO 9000 implementation project to IDEAs-U-MAN. They made it go right without administrative complications” – CEO of an international car rental company.

“Our ISO 9000 is going further than just administrative documents thanks to IDEAS” – CEO of a building Contracting company in Belgium.



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