I had a problem telling this to my team until I found this video

26 November 2020   •   1 comment   
I had a problem telling this to my team until I found this video

The Business Troubleshooter Marc De Turck explains in 5 minutes video what a manager wants to receive from a team.

Many managers are reluctant to tell their employees directly what they want to receive as communication, in order not to waste time that they do not have. It has probably happened to you that someone from the team constantly comes to you and asks you for answers to problems, which in principle he has to solve himself. You hired someone to do some of the work, not to add more of it on your line.

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If you don’t value your time, why should someone else care about it?

How to explain what you want to get in your communication with them, without being rude, but at the same time being clear enough?

Use this video with your team to save your time and to decrease stress levels. A team can be very productive and focused, you just need to train them in a way that they can optimize your time. You can even include this video in their training program or every time when someone comes aboard.

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    Interesting article… and useful.

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