What causes 66% energy and time lost in most companies?

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What causes 66% energy and time lost in most companies?

I have to continuously check if my people execute what I asked them to……. Everyone has his own opinion about everything in our company and above all, nobody really cares about what I want…… My people do not do what they say they do. …..I have to do all by myself…..  My people are like robots. ….I become paranoid…. The more staff I hire the less efficient they become. …..  It’s like there is no enough energy and time for the tasks… Sounds familiar to you?

In his managerial works, Mr L. Ron Hubbard© talks about how – what he calls – developed traffic, which can cause 66% of the energy and time lost in a company.

Developed traffic does not mean usual and necessary traffic, but the reverse

Actually it means unusual and unnecessary traffic. The precise definition is: a particle (a person or form) sent unnecessarily to the improper terminal; a waste of time or an item which slows down the all-important production inside an organization.

The ideal scene in a company is when the manager coordinates the team towards results and all team members know what is expected from them as results, do what is needed, and take full responsibility, and have sufficient pro-activity to face and handle problems, in order to achieve those results.

But when a manager hires people who will work together, these sometimes small and invisible Developed traffics can cause lots of losses and are one of the reasons managers have problems in hiring.

There is a solution to this, such as:
1. To hire people who are responsible enough to see what is expected from them without too much energy.
2. If this is not possible – like it is today with the education level, which drops drastically – to educate the people into what is and what causes Developed traffic and to learn how to prevent it.

Knowing what it is and what to do about it as well as applying these data will result in less costs.

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