2 Reasons For The Problems To Remain Unresolved

28 January 2021   •   1 comment   
2 Reasons For The Problems To Remain Unresolved

The main goal of the human mind is to set and solve the observed problems related to survival in any area of life.

The problem is resolved when answered “Yes” or “No”. On a problem like “Should I go?” it must be answered “Yes” or “No” so that the mind can accept it as a decision. If you continue with “Maybe”, the problem remains raised and affects the next decisions.

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As the business troubleshooter Mark De Turk says in his training – “maybe” is the greatest enemy of every manager and salesperson.

Have you ever known a person who has had a difficult time making decisions? Well, somewhere in the past, this person had a problem that was not answered with “Yes” or “No” but only with “Maybe”.

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The problems remain unresolved for two reasons. The first is the lack of information. The second is a previously unresolved issue on the same topic. L. Ron Hubbard

One has to evaluate information to solve problems. When someone draws their attention to something dangerous, they have probably overestimated the information. When a person cannot focus, the reason is that he cannot find information to evaluate.

Sources: Free Boss Training and the book Handbook for preclears

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