Problems Of Work – Life As A Game

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Problems Of Work – Life As A Game

“In every office, factory or activity, there is a game of the office, the factory or the activity itself against the competitors and against the environment. If this office, factory, or activity, together with all the adjoining staff, are perfectly reasonable and skilled, they choose the outside world and the competitors for their game. If they are not very normal and are unable to see the real game, they will invent one. The game will begin to be played within the office and within the factory.

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There are individuals and teams in games. Teams play against teams, individuals play against individual players. When the individual player is not admitted as part of the team, he tends to choose his opponents from among the other members of the team. Because remember one has to be part of a game.

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From all these complex things arise the various complexities of work and the problems of production and communication. “

The book, “Problems at Work”, p. 71, chapter Life as a GAME



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