Test for CEOs and managers

8 October 2021   •   no comments   

What is your efficiency?

What stops you from being a successful manager and what helps you?

бизнес анализ тест

These are 200 questions that measure:
✔️ what is your control;
✔️ personal effectiveness;
✔️ your strengths and weaknesses;
✔️ confidence;
✔️ are you in harmony;
✔️ communication;
✔️ do they understand others;
✔️ perseverance;
✔️ what is your drive to achieve goals;

The results of the test make it possible to determine your effectiveness as a manager, on the basis of which a working and correct action plan can be created.

Test results are NOT sent automatically, the test is too accurate for automatic results. The test is filled in online, but the results will be discussed with you by PHONE via Viber.

The test is worth 150 Euro, but now you have the opportunity to get it for free!

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    * EXEC-U TEST is a trademark of the world-famous Swedish recruitment and internal audit company PERFORMIA, with which IDEAS works in partnership.* Dear ladies and gentlemen, please note that when you submit an application to complete the test, the system automatically subscribes you to receive our e-newsletter

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