self motivation

Training and coaching in self motivating people.




Are you :


Then this is for you.

We propose you:  

Open and corporate training and coaching sessions in how to invite people to motivate themselves.



A leader, entrepreneur, manager or HR who knows how to invite people to motivate themselves and can apply what he knows.

A more self-motivated team.

A leader who can work at increased capacity to dream the future.




The topics of the open and corporate training session included are:


Time duration

The open training takes 1 day from 10 to 18:00.

The corporate training takes 1 to 2 days from 10 to 18:00.



The open training is done in our premises.

Corporate training and coaching sessions are done in the premises of the company.


“From the seminar I learned techniques for communication with different types of people, which I will use while communicating with the clients of the company that I work for. I also learned that there are different departments and that each person has the responsibility for the development (or the downfall) of the company and can contribute a lot for this development. It is important every person to realize what responsibility he/she carries and to make an effort to further help in achieving growth and prosperity for the company he/she works for. ” – Operational accountant. 

“I learned the importance in creating games and task delegation. I remembered the importance in having an ideal scene.” – Corporate customers manager, Publication and printing house.

“Great and impressive speaker, who can keep the audience in constant strong interest. The result from the seminar is that most of the team understood how to react in different situations.” – Cashier in IT service and trade company

“The team was great. They work very well together, in great sync. The way the information was presented was great, compelling and did not allow us to sleep despite the hard night before. I am very happy to have attended the training.” – Supervisor in wine and alcohol producing company.

“The information was presented very good. Simple and extremely strong messages which applied can be very useful.” – Planning and Controlling Manager in fast turnover goods company

“The seminar was delivered in an unique manner! I was not distracted even for a moment and I learned many new facts that will help me improve as a manager and get to be more successful as one” – Shop manager in a retail chain.

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