War to hyperactivity and educational downtrend. Press release

25 September 2018   •   no comments   

The psycho pharmaceutical industry, via its army of psychiatrists, makes people believe that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or commonly called hyperactivity is an illness coming from the brain. And has to be cured with their psychotropic products (methylphenidate, dexamfetamine, …).

All with serious proven side effects some of them including suicidal wishes. As a result they create robotic zombie kids, who at first glance look calm, but who have in the long term serious difficulties to read and who lose their sense of reality.

A general idea in the educational world is that intelligence is genetically determined and as a result cannot improve, leaving the so called “stupid” aside of a successful life.

Parents are faced with so called “difficult” teenagers, not knowing what to do anymore. Increased discipline making it worse.

Teachers in lots of schools are faced with students, who are disinterested in school education. Falling easily into alcohol and drugs.

Quite known temporary “captains of industry”, inventors, top writers or other artists, where considered either hyperactive, idiotic or not socially adapted by many schools.

More and more top managers in companies are faced with graduates, who are perfect parrots, not able to apply, experts in finding the quick dollar  without doing anything.

These and other situations are common place in Bulgaria.

On the other hand millions of euros and thousands of hours are invested yearly into education.

Looking at the apparent reasons – brain deficit, determined by birth, lack of discipline,… – one might overlook the real reason for all those phenomena. The real reason being

People never learned a methodology of learning and they did not learn the physiological effects of study barriers.

Mr L. Ron Hubbard – founder of Scientology (www.scientology.tv) discovered that people in school are not learned how to learn and thus are faced with 3 STUDY BARRIERS which lead to very specific physiological effects. NERVOUS HYSTERIA (hyperactivity), STUPIDITY,  NOT WANTING TO GO TO SCHOOL ANYMORE to name some of them.

L.Ron Hubbard wrote a book: “Basic Study Manual” which is a handbook for people from 6 to 96 years learning them the study barriers, their effects upon people, what to do to understand and apply what one studies as well as how to help others with study problems. Hundreds of thousands of people, some of them worldwide known, where helped with this book (www.scientology.tv)

Our team considered it important to make sure this book is translated into Bulgarian.

This book is now available in our office and will soon be available in the shops of our distributors (Store.bg, Ciela, Orange).

That is why we will hold a press conference:

The press conference will be held on MONDAY October 1st at 10:00

Hotel Best Western Premier – Bld Brussels 11 (close to Airport terminal 1)  – Sofia, Bulgaria.

The press conference is free of entrance.

The press conference will take 1 ½ hours.

Speakers will be:

Marc J. de Turck: trainer, consultant, managing partner of IDEAS Bulgaria dealing with educating managers since 25 years.

Monique De Clerck: President New Generation Families, dealing with helping families with education, drugs since 25 years.

Mariana Ilieva : Teacher in Samokov with more than 30 years’ experience.

Daniela Borisova : Director of a school in Kostinbrod which has received different official awards.

Please confirm your attendance in advance to Michaela Vasileva +359 0879 53  26 33

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