How I Lost My Job?

9 February 2021   •   no comments   
How I Lost My Job?

I want to share with you how I lost my job, and more precisely, what were my mistakes, and I hope you don’t follow my bad experience whether you are an employee, a business owner, or a manager.

I will not go into details about my story, but I wish I knew the reason for my failure earlier. The positive outcome of this is that now I can help you with my experience.

Learn the most important habit of a manager

At that moment I didn’t know about the success’s formulas. I had blamed others for my failure, which didn’t help me. It only led to bitterness. Months after that,  I heard about the business troubleshooter Mark De Turk and his famous formulas and conditions of success.

Here is what happened

I worked in a fantastic department and in good teamwork for 6 years. Then I was offered a promotion in another department. I accepted the challenge with pleasure and enthusiasm. Then I started making mistakes absolutely unconscious. I was thinking that everything I do will bring a positive change in my new department. That was a big misconception. The reason I got fired was that I wanted to help, but I didn’t know I was doing it the incorrect way.

What is the biggest illness of a manager?

I am happy that I am wiser now! I know that this mistake won’t be replicated by me since I learned the formulas for newbies. In other words, there is an exact formula that should be applied when you start on a new place, a new job, a new business, or something new. 

Before I give you the formula, here is what I did totally wrong:
– I tried to change the system in the department to optimize efficiency and to achieve correct stock availability;
– I used the good practices regarding teamwork in my previous department, but it turned out that the new department has got completely different rules and solidarity was not one of them. That’s just the way things worked.

Here is what I had to do as a newbie or as a person in a condition of non-existence (when you start something new):
1. Find the communication lines – who communicates with whom and for what.
2. Make yourself familiar.
3. Understand what is wanted and needed from you.
4. Do, produce, or present it.

Nowhere in this formula does it say to change the established order. This is the biggest mistake you can make when starting something new. If you follow the formula precisely, you will arrive at a higher condition called danger. There, the formula is different and if you follow all of them, you will reach a condition of power. If you don’t know this as me, you probably will be even lower than non-existence.

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