Historical Park Bulgaria means business with preparing to open a school based on L.Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology.

21 December 2019   •   no comments   

Bulgaria, Neofit Rilski, December 21. 12 Staff of Historical Park Bulgaria – the largest historical park in the world – finished their Basic Study Manual Course check sheet. The course was led by the staff of Marc de Turck and co.

After 5 full days hard study work from 9 o clock in the morning to 7 o clock in the evening all 12 staff where ready to attest their course with great enthusiasm.

The course room was especially set up for this event in the local Town Hall. A supervisor, standard check sheets, dictionaries, clay and demo kits all where available.

The idea is that the students, after graduation will help kids in the historical park to learn things while using the L.Ron.Hubbard’s Study Technology. This is an enormous step forward for the Bulgarian education.

More info in the Book Basic Study Manual here

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