High School Teenagers introduced in the tone scale of emotions

20 November 2018   •   no comments   

Bulgaria, Plovdiv.  Tuesday, November 20th, 2018. New Generation Family gives again lectures in schools, this time with trainer Marc De Turck.

The National Gymnasium for Interior Design and Woodcraft invited Marc de Turck as a guest speaker. He talked about Emotions and the work in woodcraft.

More than 65 teenagers followed the lecture of 1 1/2 hour on emotions. In this lecture, Marc stressed the importance of knowing the emotions when one creates art in order to survive better. Also knowing the emotions will help the teenagers to have better communication with the environment.

Knowledge of emotions helps teenagers not be misled and controlled negatively

Since at this age they are too sensitive, recognizing different emotions helps them not to become emotional marionetteе. With the knowledge of the emotional tone scale, they can be more confident in finding out who their friends are and who are not.  Some of them realized that they can improve themselves and be more in positive emotions. Others found out that they should not be afraid of emotions in communication at school.

The amazing study technology 

Hereunder some pictures.

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