The salesperson’s biggest problem

1 March 2021   •   no comments   
The salesperson’s biggest problem

Selling is indeed the most interesting and challenging task according to me. I’m speaking about active sales: The real salespeople who are looking for new clients, facing objections and different emotions, and communication.

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Some of these emotions are positive others negative. I am sure that every salesperson has experienced and continues to experience the following: He is enthusiastic, he wants to achieve a result, he contacts a client or a prospectus, he tries to create good communication, but he faces rejection. After that, his emotion is no longer enthusiasm, especially when he has to make the next call. In other words, the call was a failure. After a failure, the emotion of a salesperson can even become fear, and then one forgets how to deal with objections, and it is difficult for him/her to continue.

The reason this happens is the mechanism of the mind, which works like this: every time you fail, your mind recalls old similar events and begins to use them, which leads to physical and emotional problems. This happens very quickly and unconsciously. The result is a salesperson who is not in the present time, hence, he is worried about making the next call.

This is one of the reasons why the business troubleshooter Mark De Turk starts any training with the importance of being in the present. There are specific things you can do to self-discipline yourself in the present. You can find them in the video below.

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How to come in present time:

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