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Leadership Skills Seminar – Management, Communication, Motivation, Productivity

19 January 2018 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Hello friends,

If there is anything secure on the business horizon, then it is the fact that most of the companies are increasingly in need of leadership skills!


Leadership is the ability to influence others, to motivate and guide them to achieve the desired goals and it is also one of the most important factors for achieving high results.

Building leadership and skills, however is a continuous process, so what are the secrets of top managers and how to become a true leader? You will find this out in our upcoming training on Leadership – Management, Communication, Motivation, Productivity.

  • Do you get angry of constantly repeating the same things to your employees?

  • Are you having enough of constantly “push” your employees to do their job?

  • Can you stand any longer the misunderstanding you get from your team?

  • Do you feel anxiety because of conflicts in the team?

  • Are you tired of working late into the evening?

  • Are you sick of the unfinished tasks of your employees?

  • But you do not want your people to see you as part of the team, the opposite as a manager to follow

Something CAN BE DOING! Sign up NOW for the Seminar!



Where: Bulgaria, Sofia, Suite Hotel, Studentski Grad

When : 01.09.2017 (Friday), starting at 10:00 till 18:00

Price:145 Euro without VAT (materials, 2 coffee pauses and a lunch included)

Special discount for subscribtion till 28.08.2017: 120 Euro without VAT.

For more information and subscription call to 02/9623984



  • The fundamentals of management: Being in the present time. The difference between negative opinions and facts. What is the main “illness” of almost every manager? Why is it important to have a game in the team?

  • How to Move People in Management: Emotional Intelligence.

  • Motivation and self-motivation: How do we achieve harmony in our work? What is a product? How to reward people who are improving?

  • Communication in People Management: How to create understanding within the team?

  • Time Controls, Action Cycles, Conditions: What is Effective Time Management? What is a successful cycle of action? How to track the results of successful actions and to understand what is not successful?

  • What to do in order to complete tasks: Tasks and reports. Which are the things that make a manager mad and which decisions to make, so this not happen to you?

  • Anatomy of Control: How to successfully assign tasks and track their results? What are the main mistakes that are made in managing people and what are the decisions?

  • The Secrets of the Top Managers.



Марк Де Турк

Marc De Turck is an international trainer and coach with more than 22 years of experience. He has held seminars for top executives and leaders across Europe, Asia, North and South America. He has helped over 800 companies and 4000 government officials and business leaders to be more successful and effective in their activity.

Save your place and become а real leader!


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*Ladies and gentlemen, please note that when submitting the registration form to participate in seminars organized by Ideas Bulgaria, we rely on your correctness, therefore cancellations are accepted up to 10 days before training, otherwise the fee of 30% from the seminar cost is paid.