What are the most common problems in companies?

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What are the most common problems in companies?

I recently came across an interesting excerpt from a study that I decided to share with you.
Research by Chris Zoock and James Allen of Bane shows that 94% of business challenges are internal.

And what are the 5 most common problems of companies?

Lack of clear direction
Imagine traveling to an unknown destination, or traveling to a destination for which no instructions have been given on how to get there. Or you have some instructions, but they are unclear or incomplete. Isn’t it annoying?
Now imagine an organization doing the same. There is no goal or instructions on how to achieve the goal. What do you think will happen to the organization?

Difficulties to gather different personalities and become a cohesive and united team
One of the most challenging tasks for leaders is to lead people, right? One of the most important things I see missing in the teams we’ve worked with is knowing that everyone is a part of one team, and as such, they exchange some of their work with the rest of the team.

Failure to develop key competencies
Think for a second – does each of your employees know and chase the exact result of their work? Or is it just working, working, working, without satisfactory results?

Poor communication and lack of feedback
Communication is an essential element for effective work. This means that communication, whether oral or written, must be effective and efficient. In addition, it must be able to flow on each side. In 90% of the companies I have observed, one vital rule is missing – who communicates what to whom, when, and how. And when this is not clear, communication and organizational “spaghetti” are obtained.

Lack of awareness
In order for an organization to work smoothly, there are certainly many things that need to be monitored and considered. But everyone in the organization has their own workload. As a result, communication and direction suffer and managers cannot see the whole picture to really see if and where something is going wrong. How will you be able to solve work problems if you don’t even know what they are?

Note, almost all of these problems are entirely in the control of the company management. However, looking at the individual items, this list seems rather daunting.

Where does one start at all?

Again and again, the actions (or inactions) of managers are the hidden root cause of these difficulties.

No matter how you approach the challenges, it is important that you take action now. If you ignore the challenges, hope they disappear, or otherwise avoid identifying and solving them, you risk making them bigger, more time-consuming, and causing bigger problems along the way.

Fortunately, there is actually a relatively simple thing that will help you alleviate many of these basic organizational problems instantly:

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