SWOT analysis for self-development

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SWOT analysis for self-development

SWOT analysis! And why not for yourself? And why not for self-evaluation?

SWOT analysis – the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is a tool used for strategic planning, to determine the goals of an organization.

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What are the laws of attraction?

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What are the laws of attraction?

How to bring into action the law of attraction?

For several years we have been listening and reading a lot about the law of attraction and positive thinking. Many people even think that if they repeat some positive thoughts every day while they are in unfavorable conditions, magic will happen and everything will be fine. Sounds very good to be true. While one thing is for sure – it’s definitely better to be positive than negative, but that’s another subject.

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I had a problem telling this to my team until I found this video

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I had a problem telling this to my team until I found this video

The Business Troubleshooter Marc De Turck explains in 5 minutes video what a manager wants to receive as communication lines.

Many managers are reluctant to tell their employees directly what they want to receive as communication, in order not to waste time that they do not have. It has probably happened to you that someone from the team constantly comes to you and asks you for answers to problems, which in principle he has to solve himself. You hired someone to do some of the work, not to add more of it on your line.

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If you don’t value your time, why should someone else care about it?

How to explain what you want to get in your communication with them, without being rude, but at the same time being clear enough?

Use this video with your team to save your time and to decrease stress levels. A team can be very productive and focused, you just need to train them in a way that they can optimize your time. You can even include this video in their training program or every time when someone comes aboard.

Check also the free training The Biggest Illness In Management

5 Successful Practices in Hospitality Business

6 November 2020   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   
5 Successful Practices in Hospitality Business

5 successful practices for hotel and restaurant management were mentioned by the speaker Mark De Turk at the BNI Innovative Ideas meeting.

Their application will help employees and owners of this type of hospitality business, so we will not delay but will give it right away:

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What is a manager?

6 October 2020   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   
What is a manager?

I came across a forum where a new topic was started some time ago with the following question: “Hello! The question may seem silly to you, but what does a manager actually do? What are his responsibilities? Is his work stressful and does he have free time?”

I decided to share some of the answers, which I strongly hope come from employees. It would be sad if these comments came from a manager.

– “Every company is different, but in general, making presentations, looking for clients, sending offers, monitoring product preparation, installation, etc.  In general, the manager moves the whole production and trade process.”

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7 Skills Тhat Will Make You The Best Manager

11 August 2020   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   

What capabilities must a leader possess in order to reach the cherished moment of becoming a free boss?

  1. Must be able to create a game for his team (to set goals, set barriers, and give freedom).
  2. You must be able to protect your team from “saboteurs” – you need to know how to distinguish those people who look very nice to you, but behind your back are actively sabotaging the activity.
  3. You need to be able to distribute and delegate tasks in a way that people are not only focused on “getting the job done” but on achieving the result.
  4. You need to know what motivation really is to help your people be self-motivated. Do you know that you know that you personally cannot motivate anyone else but yourself?
  5. You need to have an objective tool to evaluate your people and evaluate their work in order to have fairness in the workplace.
  6. You need to know your people – the real person, not the mask that most people wear at work, to know how not to be affected by their different emotions, who you can trust and who you can’t.
  7. You need to be able to help the people in your team grow by taking more responsibility for their work and not coming to you for every problem.

If you want to improve any of these points here, you can see additional information about the seminar where we give simple and practical tools for them: Becoming the best manager

Author: Darina Maleeva

The benefits of organizing (especially in times of crisis)

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The benefits of organizing (especially in times of crisis)

In the rapidly changing business environment in which modern companies work, organizing skills for overall planning and preparation are critical to the success of a business.

Organizational skills will bring tremendous benefits by helping you review and refine the way you manage, improve and streamline your current approach to planning, organizing, and performing workflows.

But why organizing is important?

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Emotions and immunity. Myth or reality.

18 March 2020   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   

Bulgaria, Sofia, TV Together. Marc de Turck was guest speaker on the Together TV Show speaking about emotions and how they attract or push away viruses.

Marc talked about the tone scale of emotions of L.Ron Hubbard and how when you go down the scale you become more and more effect of the viruses.

Marc also spoke about growing and prospering as main answer on any crisis.

Enjoy the video here

Tips on money and survival

11 March 2020   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   

February 25th 2020, TV Together invited Marc as guest speaker on Money and survival. We gave different tips on how to survive in crisis situations.
All based on own experience and on the works of L.Ron Hubbard.
The broadcast was watched by +/- 1000 subscribers.

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Historical Park Bulgaria means business with preparing to open a school based on L.Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology.

21 December 2019   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   

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