Hello Friend!

Thank you for joining us in our mission.
We really appreciate your help!

Some definitions we do use :

A prospect: a company/person which/who is interested in the services of IDEAs Free Boss, but did not buy and pay already.
A client: company/person which/who did buy and paid the services of IDEAs Free Boss
Referring: to settle an appointment and/or to send a prospect to us.
Gross Margin (or AGI): Gross Income minus: direct taxes and directly incurred costs.
Net Margin (NAGI): AGI minus possible due royalties.

With you joining our referral program you have an individual link, which you can use when sending people to our web site (please see bottom of this page). Thus both you and us can keep correctly track of the people you bring to our web site and their purchases of products/services.

In exchange you will receive 5% of all net margin (NAGI) received from the referred company/person, for the first and all other follow-up purchases of services/products, and this as long as the client is client of IDEAs Free Boss.
Payment of your commission(s) will be done once a month, with maximum of 10 working days after we have received the payment(s) ourselves.

We manage the information regarding your referral in a transparent way, meaning all information concerning your contacts can be known by both parties (you and us).

In case you need any additional information, promo materials etc., please feel welcome to contact us or send us an email – office@freeboss.eu

And let’s grow and prosper together!

Wishing you success
Marc De Turck
Founder of IDEAs Free Boss Intl.


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