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Coaching managers: a workable model for success

27 June 2019   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   

In today’s world coaching of managers cannot be ignored.  Management coaches became as needed as top sports coaches in national sports clubs.   On the market, many companies do provide coaching services with some workable methodology, but the personality of the coach plays a big role in this. The model described here is one that can be learned by anyone who likes to coach managers successfully and with results.  It includes conviction as the most important element. This conviction then is communicated via the correct emotion and some specialized techniques are used to get a measurable end-result.

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Marc as guest speaker on a 3 hours workshop on how to recognize and use emotions in private and business life

16 June 2019   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   

Bulgaira, Sofia, Kempisnki/Marinaella hotel.  More than 120 attendees subscribed to follow a 3 hours workshop on emotions in provate and business life.  Marc de Turck was the guest speaker with his translator Michaela Vasileva. The 120 attendees where supported by an extra 40 people on-line via internet.  Marc explained different aspects of the tone scale of L.Ron Hubbard. How to recognize the emotions, how to bring people up in a typical dynamic and humorisitc way full of energy. Lots of Self Analysis books where sold/ordered.
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