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Pazardzhik officials and managers stop the negopinionitis

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Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, November 27th 2018.
Negative opinions are, since the beginning of the financial crisis, common ground in Pazardzhik, a beautiful town between Plovdiv and Sofia. read more

High School Teenagers introduced in the tone scale of emotions

20 November 2018   •   Newsletter, Newsletter   •   no comments   

Bulgaria, Plovdiv.  Tuesday, November 20th, 2018. New Generation Family gives again lectures in schools, this time with trainer Marc De Turck.

The National Gymnasium for Interior Design and Woodcraft invited Marc de Turck as a guest speaker. He talked about Emotions and the work in woodcraft. read more

Handling Exhaustion In the Workday World

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Handling Exhaustion In the Workday World

We saw in the last article that exhaustion has to do with introversion.

What can we do in order not to feel exhausted? An individual who is continually fixed upon some object of work should fix his attention otherwise after working hours. read more