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War to hyperactivity and educational downtrend. Press release

25 September 2018   •   Newsletter, Newsletter   •   no comments   

The psycho pharmaceutical industry, via its army of psychiatrists, makes people believe that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or commonly called hyperactivity is an illness coming from the brain. And has to be cured with their psychotropic products (methylphenidate, dexamfetamine, …).

All with serious proven side effects some of them including suicidal wishes. As a result they create robotic zombie kids, who at first glance look calm, but who have in the long term serious difficulties to read and who lose their sense of reality. read more

What causes 66% energy and time lost in most companies?

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What causes 66% energy and time lost in most companies?

I have to continuously check if my people execute what I asked them to……. Everyone has his own opinion about everything in our company and above all, nobody really cares about what I want…… My people do not do what they say they do. …..I have to do all by myself…..  My people are like robots. ….I become paranoid…. The more staff I hire the less efficient they become. …..  It’s like there is no enough energy and time for the tasks… Sounds familiar to you? read more

What is Study Technology and How It Works?

12 September 2018   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   
What is Study Technology and  How It Works?

Did anyone ever actually teach you how to study?

Lack of any real method of study led to many students studying just so they can pass the tests or trick methods of memorizing, so they can repeat back the right answer when they’re asked, just like parrots. All of this is a substitute for actual understanding. You don’t gain any real knowledge you can use. Learning is a vital part of everyday.

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