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How To Handle Problems Through Investigation?

31 August 2018   •   Newsletter, Newsletter   •   no comments   
How To Handle Problems Through Investigation?

The correct business intelligence is an extremely rare thing

And the correct and the quick one is just a myth. Why do you have this headache until you get to the truth? In this article, we will give some answers and solutions for finding the real WHY. The real “WHY” is what opens the doors, if you find it.

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Top 5 Expensive Mistakes That Business Owners Make

23 August 2018   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   
Top 5 Expensive Mistakes That Business Owners Make

These 5 errors that business owners do can save you time, stress and money if you avoid them


1. You are the only one who can do it right

While you can be the best in dealing with responsibilities, your business will go bankrupt if you are the one who has to deal with everything. Most employees want to contribute to business development but are unable to develop their full potential without being trained. read more

Emotions In Sales And Marketing For More Customers (Part 2)

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With proper training in the Tone Scale of Emotions ©

which IDEAS provides in its training a person may perfectly know the true condition of the market and of the people regardless of the demonstrated behavior. Did you ever think why a painting gets sold for 1 000 000 dollars? Why can one product have totally different prices depending on who sells it and to whom it is sold? One of the main reasons is that this particular painting or jewel or a stone is connected to a certain emotion which make people give tremendous amounts of money. The sales person discovers with what the client associate the product (the button), then he plays with the button. He inspires the buyer with the product for sale. This is emotion. There is no logic here. read more