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An Important Factor For Success In Sales

30 July 2018   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   
An Important Factor For Success In Sales

Blurred or clear is your “ice-cream” when you sell?

You better know the 3 balls of “sales ice-cream”, especially the ball that represents you

Imagine that what you sell to the client is ice-cream, ice-cream of 3 balls. The first ball is what YOU give to the client. The second ball is what your product or service gives to the client. The last ball is what your company gives to the client.

Now imagine that the ball product/service is a constant and all competitors sell the same without any difference. The only thing that changes is what YOU personally give to the client. Is it difficult to think? Yes, it is. But this is very important question. In a world where products and companies do not differ greatly from one another to customers, YOU are the ones who can make things different. read more