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Asks for solutions, don’t create robots from your staff.

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51 ways to make a manager crazy and what to do about it.

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Athens, 21/9/2017, Marc de Turck delivered a very successful seminar about Dev-t.

Business Coaching Lab, AMT Consultants and Coaching Leaders have co-organized this seminar.
In total, 88 people attended and learned unique data about how to recognize dev-t in their companies and how to handle it.
Here are some photos and success stories.









Excellent, just as each seminar you organize! – D.N
Very interesting seminar and really informative! D.P
A really useful and very concise seminar – B.N
Very useful approach, a lot of the data seem really applicable to me! T.V

Always excellent! – S.J


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Bulgaria, Vratsa, The Regional Association of Industrial Leaders in Vratsa, Bulgaria (KRIB) invites Marc de Turck as Guest speaker on their conference.

Marc spoke about emotions and their importance in recruitment and dealing with government officals.

He showed the attendees how to recognize people behind their mask via different ways in a very attractive and funny way.

Those tricks are very usefull when one recruits personel.

He also showed how to move people via emotions.

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What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 4)

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What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 4)

Successful managers are not willing to be shown as heroes of the company who do and know everything instead of his people.

They know very well that doing everything and looking for a solution for each problem, which appears just to show to their people who is the smartest, the best and the most hardworking person in the company, is the biggest stupidity in management. read more