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Man is not here to lead via conflict and force, but via understanding.

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What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 3)

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What Successful Managers Don’t Do (Part 3)

Do you doubt?

Doubt is not a mistake in itself, but it becomes one when you stay in it. The information I am going to put out here is extremely important not only for managers but also for everyone who wants to be successful, fast, productive and happy.
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Bulgarian Business People in search of a Blue Ocean

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Bulgarian Business People in search of a Blue Ocean

Today’s business people in Europe are confronted with harsh competition, as if they where swimming in a bloody ocean full of sharks.
Many business people confirm trying to survive this price war and technology war.

Model answers such as being more efficient or investing in new technologies in the hope to reduce price or to have a technological competitive advantage face inadequacy because those answers are basically reactions to the outside market, reactions on the competition.   Most companies react on the competition with increasing efficiency to reduce price. But there will always be one Asian person making things cheaper. Others invest heavily in technology . read more