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Tessaloniki managers learn the secrets of top sales people.

25 June 2016   •   Newsletter   •   no comments   


13509096_10210226965575752_6433166513527038053_nSaturday, June 25th, 2016, Hotel Electra Palace, Tessaloniki Greece.

Business Coaching Lab, AMT Consultants and Leaders Coaching organised a seminar on Sales.


Guest speaker : Marc J. de Turck.

Marc started with the basics as being there, looking, not lying and the difference between facts and opinions.  He stressed that the biggest success lies in conviction and demonstrated what conviction really is.  He then continued with emotions and how to use them in sales and marketing. After lunch he introduced very advanced techniques to make the seminar complete.

+/- 50 managers attended the seminar and for sure will increase their sales.

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Reactions of some attendees:

A very interesting seminar, with a very expressive speaker! T. I

Very direct, interesting and the speaker’s approach was really friendly! A.B

Very nice presentation. The speaker managed to keep our interest very high during the seminar! Really practical and efficient. T.G

Perfect organization – smile and personal contact. Wish you the best! K.M

Excellent impressions and very educational seminar. K.M

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Professional Association of Mediators in Bulgaria invites Marc de Turck as guest speaker

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Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Sofia.  June 17th.


The Professional Association of Mediators in the name of  Mrs Svilena Dimitrova, invited Marc de Turck as guest speaker on its seminars.


Marc talked about the importance of being there, looking, the difference between facts and opinions, understanding and its components, the emotions and how to use them in mediation, making people right and L. Ron Hubbard’s © Third party Law.


30 lawyers, juridical people and mediators attended.  After the seminar different people wanted to use this technology in their mediation cycles.


Want to know more about this technology of mediation:

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International conference of cosmetologists invites Marc de Turck in Borovetz, Bulgaria as speaker

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Saturday, June 5th 2016. Borovetz, Bulgaria.
Like every year, also this year, the International Conference of Cosmetologists invited Marc de Turck as one of the Guest speakers.

Marc talked about the fastest way to power using formula’s proven in business life.

More than 80 people attended

View the video on the conference here:

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